Trivia Answers page

WEEK 3. Friday 5th January, 2018

1. Who was the first USA president to live in the White House? ……John Adams
2. Who said “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best”? ……Oscar Wilde
3. Which astronaut was the first to space walk? ……Alexey Leonov
4. Festfolket was the original name of what super group? ……ABBA
5. In which tradition is the wedding tradition of hand fasting practised? ……Celtic
6. What are the supernatural creatures mentioned often in the Quran? ……Jinn
7. Which English king was called “the first gentleman of England”? ……George 1V
8. In 2010 which female rapper became the first female solo artist to have 7 singles on the USA billboard top 100 at the same time? ……Nicki Minaj
9. Which Bond film featured London’s Millennium Dome? ……The World is Not Enough
10. In Star Trek Deep Space Nine which character had a symbiont? …..Jadzia Dax
11. What is the first name of Mr Toad in Toad of Toad Hall? …..Thaddeus
12. The multi genre Comic Con International is held annually in which city? …..San Diego
13. What are snaffle, pelham and weymouth? …..Horse bits
14. The Camorra was the forerunner of what organisation in the USA? …..The Mafia
15. Battening, shedding and felting are terms used in which process? …..Weaving
16. In which extreme pastime would you use a carabiner and a quickdraw? …..Rock climbing
17. Which island has more than half of Indonesia’s population? …..Java
18. A male reindeer is known as what? …..Bull
19. How do snakes hear? …..Vibrations from jaw bone
20. In Germany what creatures are used to treat osteoarthritis? …..Leeches

WEEK 2. Friday 9th November, 2017

1. Who said “Remember that time is money? ……Benjamin Franklin
2. Which Venetian was the first to leave a written record of his travels into Asia? ……Marco Polo
3. In which hobby would you find the terms cow, hitch and picots? ……Tatting
4. Name the world’s largest sand island in Queensland, Australia? ……Fraser Island
5. Marcus Tiro is credited with inventing what in Rome in 63 BC? ……Shorthand and & sign
6. What disease is caused by bacteria spread in water droplets? ……Legionnaires disease
7. A crescent shaped sand dune is known as what? ……Barchan
8. Which French prime minister was known as Le Tigre? ……Georges Clemenceau
9. What galaxy do scientists believe will collide with the Milky Way in 3.75 billion years? ……Andromeda
10. In physics which Greek letter is the standard symbol for wavelength? …..Lambda
11. Which artist performed a mashup of Gangnam Style with Psy at the 2012 40th American Music Awards? …..M C Hammer
12. What domesticated pet is never mentioned in the Bible? …..Cats
13. What country has a superstition that if the first visitor on New Years Day is a man the year will be a good one? …..Russia
14. Who was the minstrel during the 3rd crusade who found where Richard I of England was imprisoned? …..Blondel de Nesle
15. Which king was assassinated by his nephew on the 25th March, 1975? …..Faisal bin Saud
16. What country is the world’s oldest functioning democracy? …..Iceland
17. Which singer took out a $100,000 insurance policy with Lloyd’s a week before his death? …..James Dean
18. What is the name of the old grey owl owned by the Weasley family in Harry Potter? …..Errol
19. What was the first science fiction magazine? …..Amazing Stories
20. Who was Time magazine’s Person of The Year in 2015? …..Angela Merkel

WEEK 1. Friday 2nd November, 2017

1. Name the chimpanzee painter admired by Pablo Picasso? ……Congo
2. Who said “A single death is a tragedy a million a statistic”?……Joseph Stalin
3. Which African country was founded by Americans? ……Liberia
4. What is a hit strategy game for mobile platforms released by Supercell? ……Clash of Clans
5. Who was the first professional female skateboarder? ……Patti McGee
6. In what team of workers would you have found a gandy dancer? ……Railroad repair gang
7. What is the largest single known gold object in the world? ……Tutankhamen’s coffin
8. What do Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones have in common? ……At Harvard together
9. What causes the tangy smell at the seaside? ……Rotting seaweed
10. What term is given to a legal clause which gives a date after which no remedy may be sought? …..Sunset clause
11. At 2017 by law 30% of content on Canadian radio must be what? …..Canadian content
12. What is the largest pyramid known to exist in the world today? …..Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico
13. What is the only river that flows both north and south of the equator? …..The Congo River
14. What were serfs or slaves called in ancient Sparta? …..Helots
15. Which Nobel Peace Prize winner sent his wife to accept the prize fearing he would not be readmitted to his homeland? …..Lech Walesa
16. Which South African anti-apartheid leader was tortured to death in 1977? …..Steve Biko
17. Where in a human would you find the pisiform bone? …..Wrist
18. What is the second most common phobia? …..Heights
19. What was the first commercial telegraph system? …..Cooke and Wheatstone
20. What word is used for a division of geological time? …..Epoch