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Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference is a thoroughly researched trivia and general knowledge reference book with thousands of questions and answers from a wide variety of subjects. The book also contains a section with tips for learning, retaining and retrieving information and a section of lists of specific information such as capital cities and books and authors to name a few. The paperback version has been formatted to allow the reader to cover the answers on the opposite side of the page to test their own knowledge.

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Book Reviews

“Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference” is a well written and researched book and a must read for all Trivia Lovers. Full of researched facts that Trivia Lovers can go back to time and time again to ensure their knowledge is relevant and up to date. Love section 2 “Tips for learning, retaining and retrieving information”, this will be a great learning tool to help Trivia Lovers achieve the best they can.
-Helen Scott
– Family Day Care Coordinator

“Trivia Lovers Ultimate Reference” is must read for all Trivia lovers who thirst for more factual knowledge. All questions and answers have been properly and thoroughly researched and are presented in an easy to read manner. The section titled “Tips for learning” will definitely help readers retain factual information and retrieve that information when needed. Great book Debra.
-Carleen Augustus

This book delivers on everything it promises and more. The author has compiled a factual, up to date and comprehensive resource of general knowledge that should appeal to both lovers of trivia and people like myself who just have a thirst for knowledge. I was particularly impressed with the logical approach of section 2, tips for learning information and would highly recommend the book to both trivia buffs and anyone just wishing to increase their general knowledge.
-Wendy Howard
-Graphic Designer, Artist